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While we normally blink our eyes 12-16 times per minute, we only blink 6-8 times when looking at a screen.

In addition, the use of digital screens not only disrupts the amplitude and quality of blinking but also impairs tear quality, leading to dry eyes.

The use of screen filters prevents the decrease in blink frequency and reduces glare and reflections.

Dry eye, which may develop due to reduced blinking frequency, can be prevented by using moisturizing eye drops in addition to screen filters.

Viscous eye drops have been found to be more effective in relieving discomfort during screen use compared to traditional tear preparations.

In a study on workplace health, it was revealed that individuals who do not use screen filters taking less breaks during their work have an 89% increased likelihood of developing dry eyes. Therefore, screen filters are crucial for the eye health of desk workers.

For those who wear contact lenses for extended periods in front of a screen, the evaluation of complaints such as burning and redness as either related to digital eye fatigue syndrome or a different complication associated with contact lens use must be conducted by an eye doctor.

The duration spent in front of the screen plays a significant role in the severity of symptoms. Numerous studies have shown that individuals spending more than 4-6 hours in front of a screen experience more severe and frequent ocular symptoms. The benefits of special filters, especially blue filters and anti-reflective coatings, applied to glasses for those spending long hours in front of a screen have been proven through research.

To prevent dry eyes due to reduced blinking while looking at computer screens, we recommend the 20/20 Rule. After 20 minutes of staring at the computer screen, take a 20-second break to blink your eyes, which will relieve dry eyes.

Identifying the needs of digital eye fatigue syndrome patients and determining personalized treatment modalities can only be achieved by eye doctors keeping in mind and conveying preventive measures to the patients while diagnosing screen-related vision syndrome. In summary to prevent dry eyes: use screen filters, use of blue-filtered glasses for spectacle wearers, use viscous eye drops, and use the 20/20 Rule.

Stay healthy, and don’t forget to blink your eyes!

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