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Correction of Vision With

SMILE: How about smiling at life without glasses?

ReLEx SMILE; the latest innovation in refractive eye laser surgeries and is a 3rd Generation Laser Eye Surgery procedure. The ReLEx SMILE Laser procedure is a minimally invasive laser surgery. 

We are proud of  that Talya Eye Centre  was the first Eye Centre in Türkiye that invested in the Carl Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser. 

Smile Laser is an eye laser surgical procedure that is an alternative to glasses and contact lenses like other surgical laser techniques for the treatment of myopia and myopic astigmatism.

Smile Laser is a flapless eye laser which is only done by using the Femtosecond Laser (Carl Zeiss Visumax). Smile Laser does not trigger a dry eye syndrome due to lack of a flap (corneal lid) connected incision in the cornea and due so no corneal nerves are damaged.

Quick & Simple

One of the most important benefits is the ease and swiftness of recovery. ZEISS SMILE requires minimal downtime after the procedure. That means get back to wearing makeup, working out, and swimming with minimal down time!

Rapid Visual Recovery

With ZEISS SMILE, you can have surgery today and be back to normal tomorrow! Unlike other types of laser vision correction, which can require a longer recovery time, ZEISS SMILE allows you to get back to your everyday life quickly.


The tiny size of this incision also reduces your chance of developing dry eye compared to other types of laser vision correction. By choosing ZEISS SMILE, you can avoid the unwanted side effect of dry eye syndrome.

Minimally Invasive

Besides a swift recovery and minor side effects, the ZEISS SMILE technology is also much newer than LASIK. With ZEISS SMILE, you can be sure you are receiving the most advanced laser vision treatment currently available!

Visual Freedom

ZEISS SMILE is designed to eliminate your need for glasses and contacts.

ReLEx-SMILE Process

Smile Laser is superior to other laser eye techniques because it can be applied to high myopic and thinner corneas and also to moderate dry eyes. Moreover , there is no risk of trauma-related flap complications with the ReLEx Smile technique. Therefore, it is a preferred and safe laser surgery procedure that we recommend for those patients who do heavy exercises and sports as well as for professional groups that may be exposed to mechanical effected traumas to the eyes; such as police, soldiers, and those who do contact sports.

ReLEx SMILE procedure is painless. Local anaesthetic drops are applied to the eyes before the procedure. At the beginning of the procedure, the “eye lid speculum” is placed to keep the eye open while the treatment. Then the patient is required to focus the green light appearing in the laser head and the vacuum of this laser head is adjusted and activated on the eye. The Femtosecond Laser creates than the Lenticule inside of the intact cornea within 24-26 seconds.

The disc shaped lenticular tissue is than extracted through an incision, which is just 2.8 to 3.00 mm  small. With the new shape given to the cornea the refractive defect is corrected. For ReLEx SMILE procedure only the Femtosecond Laser is used.  Approximately 30 minutes after the surgery stinging, burning and watering of the eyes starts which may last for 4 – 5 hours;  the next day you will to your  social routine. You will be discharged from the clinic directly after the treatment with your post operative medication. 

You will be able to return to activities like swimming, heavy training and contact-sport activities in a shorter time than in comparison to LASIK procedure.

Follow Up Post-Surgery

OP. DR. MEHTAP ÜÇKARDEŞ ABAY who is the Head of Talya Eye Centre’s Refractive Surgery Unit will do post operative examinations the 1st day, 1st month, 3rd month and 6th month after the surgery. For patients from abroad who have just limited time after the treatment the TALYA EYE CENTER is providing a post operative follow up for 5 years without extra charge.



The ReLEx-Smile method gained achievements for patients who were not suitable for the older laser treatment methods; as the original gradient of the cornea gets not destroyed as well as the top of the cornea gets not weakened.

ReLEx-Smile technology is a minimal traumatic laser method. ReLEx-Smile Eye Laser Treatment is performed in one step and by single Visumax Femtosecond Second Laser.

Since ReLEx-Smile Lasik method uses a Femtosecond Laser and is just effecting the deeper layers of the corneal tissues, the possibility of regression of eye vision disorder is uncommonly compared to any other of the methods.

ReLEx-Smile method is applicable to patients with myopia up to -10 and patients with myopic astigmatic eyes up to – 5.

ReLEx-Smile Lasik method is more suitable for patient with thinner corneas, where Lasik method is not possible. Recovery and final result are very close to untouched natural eyes in short period of time.

Who can get the SMILE treatment?

Due to the protection of the biomechanical structure of the cornea, ReLEx-Smile is a preferable method for patients, who do heavy sports and also occupational groups, which may be exposed to mechanical impacts such as policemen and soldiers etc. Sports may be done in 72 hours.

All developments provided by the technology progress, are of course equally reflected within the devices in the field of health & medicine.

Patients selected by prior Eye Laser Treatment Suitability Examination, which is performed by a doctor, are always satisfied with the results.

ReLEx Smile technology is only performed in Talya Medical Center in Antalya and in Turkey’s Mediterranean Region. Knife technology, in other words keratome is not used in our centre since 2010.

Are You a Candidate?

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It was designed to help patients who suffer from myopia; commonly known as nearsightedness; and miyopic astigmatism, improving their eyesight. As opposed to traditional LASIK, SMILE uses one ReLEx SMILE® laser to address myopia and miyopic astigmatism instead of two separate lasers. The laser is used to create a thin, contact lens-shaped layer within the deeper layers of the cornea, which is removed through a small 2-3mm opening.

SMILE is an excellent laser vision correction procedure. For those who lead an active lifestyle, this minimally invasive laser vision correction procedure is ideal.

To determine which option may work best for your vision, talk to your refractive surgeon. SMILE is a safe, comfortable, and fast procedure that takes only minutes to complete. Since SMILE is a fast, minimally invasive procedure, full visual recovery is also very quick.

Since SMILE is a minimally invasive procedure, there is little downtime associated with it. It usually takes 24 hours for patients to regain full vision, but after that, they can resume normal activities. One week after surgery, strenuous activities such as exercising can be resumed.

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